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Marble and natural stone are some of the most beautiful accents you can use to enhance your home's decor. Therefore, it is important to provide the maintenance your floor needs. Natural stone requires additional care that man-made floors do not. Natural stone flooring can last decades with the proper maintenance. However, neglect or improper restoration by someone not qualified can result in the loss of your floor's natural beauty.

The hardness of natural stone can vary greatly, and therefore, some surfaces are more durable than others. The hardest common natural stone, granite, still needs to be maintained to retain its luster. Marble and travertine, which are considerably softer stones, are both very susceptible to chemical damage. Typical household acids, like orange juice or vinegar, can quickly mark your travertine tile or marble floor.

These natural stones can be restored and preserved throughout the years, with appropriate maintenance. Alternatively, your natural stone floors and surfaces will end up scratched, chipped, and stained, leaving them dull and unattractive as they age. OneRestore's stone and marble restoration process can make your marble floors and other surfaces look like new again, contributing to the beauty and value of your home. Our maintenance program will keep your stone flooring or surface in immaculate condition with less chance of future damage.

Marble and Granite Cleaning & Restoration Process

OneRestore uses a range of resin matrix diamond abrasives from grit 220 to 11,000 to smooth, perfect, and polish your stone surface. These steps are performed with water to reduce dust, and the slurry is vacuumed from the floor with each pass. Then we shine the stone surface using a chemical and polishing machine that dissolves stone and re-deposits it, filling the scratches and low areas as we go.

The result: a surface that is smoother, structurally stronger, and more resilient to regular wear and tear. In the last step, we seal the concrete or stone with a permeating sealant, which is applied to the surface immediately following the final polish. This keeps spilled substances from penetrating, staining or damaging your stone or concrete. Your restored surface is more easily maintained and can last up to 5 times longer than application of an acrylic finish.

Methods for Polishing Marble & Granite

There are 3 methods for polishing stone and marble surfaces. The powder polish method, uses a special grade polishing powder to restore shine to your surfaces. It is ideal for the occasional maintenance of stone or marble floors and perfect for restoring slightly worn or etched areas due to everyday wear and tear.

Crystallization polishing is a method that has been used since the 1960's, with varying degrees of success. Done incorrectly, this method can actually damage your stone floor or marble surface because crystallization chemically smooths and shines the surface with a steel wool pad. When done by the marble restoration experts at OneRestore, it can be a very effective method for bring back the original beauty of your stone or marble.

Finally, mechanically polished stone involves a step by step procedure, which can immediately eliminate years of wear and tear, as well as reduce the possibility of fracturing. Every stone and marble surface is unique and every situation and environment is different. Our experts can develop a stone restoration or maintenance program just for you.

Our routine care stone and marble maintenance program is priced according to the location, level of traffic, and type of stone. Our maintenance program will keep your floors in excellent condition, properly protected, with a reduced risk of future damage.

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