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OneRestore is an experienced and professional carpet cleaners, providing steam cleaning and green carpet cleaning in The Villages Florida for both homes and businesses. Now you can keep your rugs and carpets fresh and clean without the use of harmful chemicals that can negatively affect the health of your pets, family, and guests.

Carpet Cleaning in The Villages FloridaSee The Difference

Not all carpet cleaning in The Villages is the same! OneRestore is a different kind of carpet cleaning company. Try OneRestore and experience the best carpet cleaning The Villages has to offer. We provide an alternative to traditional steam cleaning, specifically what is called “Low Moisture Cleaning” or “Encapsulation Cleaning”.

When you clean your carpets with OneRestore, you are getting much more than just cleaning and deodorizing. In addition to getting your carpets spot and odor free, our process involves deep cleaning treatments that provide extra layers of protection that restore carpets to their natural beauty and keep them looking new for a lot longer than standard rental machines.

OneRestore’s detailed plan of action ensures delivery of high quality carpet cleaning services and your complete satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning: Step-by-Step

  • Step 1: Consultation. We discuss and inspect the areas to be cleaned.
  • Step 2: Pre-Treat. We pre-spray & pre-condition carpets to help ensure tough stains are eliminated.
  • Step 3: Agitate. We will choose from a few methods to help guarantee the best cleaning, depending upon the soil content in the carpet.
  • Step 4: Deep Cleaning. Our process, of either rotary machine or wand (again depending upon soil level), will thoroughly flush and extract embedded soils from your carpet.
  • Step 5: Condition. Finally we rake and spray your carpet to neutralize it back to its natural PH level, leaving your carpet fresh and soft, feeling like new once it has dried.

Stain, Odor, Dirt, Grime Removal & More!

We’re Green!

Green Carpet Cleaning in The Villages FloridaOneRestore’s green carpet cleaning service uses only natural, GREEN solutions for steam cleaning your carpets, which means NO chemical residue. Your children and your pets will enjoy a clean, soft carpet – and you will have NO WORRIES about harmful residues or odors.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are pet stain and odor removal experts! So, keeping it green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice and settle for less than a thoroughly clean carpet. We can even remove your most stubborn stains before cleaning, and add protection against stains in the future.

Let the #1 Green Carpet Cleaning Company in The Villages give you the level of quality you and your home deserve. Extend the life of your carpets AND do your part to preserve our environment for the next generation.

Don’t Be Misled

Sadly, there is a lot of misleading and confusing information out there. Who can you trust? A good place to start is your carpet manufacturers. Most manufacturers including Shaw industries, the largest carpet manufacturer in the world, recommend the same hot water extraction used by OneRestore for the best carpet cleaning results.

Give OneRestore a try – contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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