Does Smoke Odor Eventually Go Away?

The smell of burning cookies or pizza has left many of our homes with an unsavory smell. However, this issue is often resolved with a small fix such as opening a few windows or a door. In the unfortunate event that a house catches on fire, the smoke odor is much more pungent. It does not just go away on its own or through an “air out” method. Instead, you will need to take comprehensive steps or potentially seek professional help. There are over 358,000 home structure fires every year. Those who are still fortunate enough to live in a house after a home fire will need to do something about the smell.

Fire smells can permeate into various areas of the home including the paint, drywall, carpet, other flooring, drapes, and even countertops. That is why it is difficult for the average person to resolve the issue on their own. Soot also poses an issue in the aftermath of a fire outbreak. This substance is oily and can stain the carpets and other materials in a home. To deodorize a home, one must first remove all soot. In this case, a carpet cleaner or cleaning lady is not going to do the job. If there is an excessive amount of soot, you should leave clean-up to a professional restoration company.

Oftentimes, homeowner’s insurance will cover the costs of the services necessary to remove smoke odor. This assistance is deemed as fundamental for a house to be habitable after a fire which is why insurance will often cover it. Below are steps you can take before choosing to seek professional help or while waiting for their assistance.

Air Out Your Home- First and foremost, it is imperative to begin airing out your home as soon as possible. The longer smoke stays trapped inside, the longer the smell will linger. Start by opening windows and doors, but also remove screens if possible, to allow for additional airflow. In this step of the process, it is beneficial to utilize fans and their ability to direct air outside.

Clean All Fabrics- After a fire, smoke permeates into the material of your clothes, linens, rugs, blankets, drapes, and much more. You will want to wash these items and remove them from the home until the smell is completely eradicated.

Clean Your Upholstery- Washing the fabric areas on your furniture is not only an essential part of the clean-up process, but it will prolong its condition. Professionals are generally recommended for this part of the restoration process. Again, it is vital to keep these items away from the home until all smoke particles and odor are removed.

Clean Carpeting- One of the best solutions to the smoke smell lingering in your carpet is to use baking soda. Let this substance sit overnight, for several hours, and then vacuum thoroughly. If baking soda does not do the job, you may need to contact a professional deep cleaning service. However, sometimes the carpeting may need to be completely removed and replaced if the smell persists.

Clean Hard Surfaces- Believe it or not, but even hard surfaces can hold smells. Areas in your home such as appliances, doors, cabinets, walls, floors, countertops, and window seals have the potential to harbor smoke particles. That is why it is important to give these areas a detailed cleaning after a fire.

Change Your Air Conditioning Filter- It may also be in your best interest to change your AC filter. Your HVAC system will need to be inspected and cleaned by a professional.

If your home or business has experienced a fire and suffers from a pungent smoke smell, utilize the steps provided above. If you notice that the smell persists or is too overwhelming to care for on your own, contact OneRestore. We can complete all of your fire restoration services. Our experts do not stop at the debris and smoke removal. This alleviates our clients from a great deal of stress knowing that the entire damage repair is handled by a single company. Contact us at OneRestore for a free estimate!

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