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Individuals are extremely busy with their professional and work lives that many home projects and renovations seem out of reach. That is why it is beneficial to utilize a one-stop-shop company that will be there from beginning to end with the remodeling process. Certain companies offer to work as a homeowner’s consultant as well as perform the physical labor. Particular factors are convincing homeowners to make those remodeling arrangements. Below is a list of the top remodeling trends today.

Generational Changes—A big factor driving homeowners to invest in their homes is the idea of an expanding family structure. Whether that means elderly parents moving in or a college graduate moving back, generational changes are pushing the need for more living space. In the case of bringing home a parent to care for them, your biggest concern regarding renovations is likely greater accessibility and ease of use. These changes include building additional restrooms and bathrooms on ground level to alleviate the burden of elderly climbing stairs. With that being said, other critical features revolved around housing the aging population might include the installation of handrails and other accessories to make their lives easier and avoid accidents. Other remodeling techniques aimed at supporting the older population might include widening doorways to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. Homeowners can provide a home for their parents for a much longer time with much greater ease. Creating in-law suites, through the use of basements or garages has become increasingly popular for both ends of the family structure.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel—Two particular areas of homes seem to remain the center of popular remodeling projects. Kitchen and bathroom renovations have been on the top of the trend line for years. When regarding bathroom designs, certain components have become increasingly popular such as walk-in showers. Many people are doing away with tubs due to the convenience and sterile look of a shower. With that being said, white and gray shades have become the prominent and favored look amongst many homeowners. This crowd-pleasing look is driven by the retro, clean feel that it gives off. This upgrade is not only prevalent in the bathroom, but with kitchen designs as well. Individuals are investing in white flooring and cabinets.

Countertops— Granite and quartz countertops have become increasingly popular. Many homeowners want to shy away from their traditional laminate counter and invest in some sort of stone for a variety of reasons. This type of upgrade prevents much of the damage that countertops face when exposed to heat. Stone countertops come with great durability and resist bacteria and dirt. This investment can boost your home’s value, helping you alleviate some of the installation costs.

Home Automation—As our world becomes more and more technologically inclined, many homeowners are opting for home automation. This upgraded feature allows for the automatic control of electronic devices in your home through an app or voice assistant. Some purchase these features for convenience and control, while others obtain them for a piece of mind. The convenience side of things might allow a homeowner to save money. Smart thermostats and smart light bulbs cut utility costs over time. Home automation can include safety features revolved around home security. Real-time video and security cameras, as well as automated sensors and lighting help consumers feel safer inside their homes. Being able to verify that you locked the front door or closed the garage remotely with an app might be the most impressive benefit to some.

Office Space— As the pandemic continues, remote jobs are falling largely in demand. This means that many individuals are having to create a work environment out of their living space. Sometimes, this arrangement can be difficult. Building a defined space with functional office structures can help with these challenges and allow you to separate your home and work life. A valuable renovation to a home office is improved sound insulation. Another necessary design that should be considered when creating this work environment is the proper lighting for optimal performance. Oftentimes, working from home requires video conferences. It is important to situate your layout professionally. Sufficient storage and cabinet space might be necessary to avoid clutter and retain this competent appearance.

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