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The Complete Restoration Company
More Than Dryouts - We do Construction Repair!
Local Reconstruction
We Have the Contacts to Get the Job Done Right the 1st Time!
Maximize Insurance Coverage
Make Sure All Damage is Identified and Covered in Your Claim.

A COMPLETE Restoration / Construction Repair Company

OneRestore is more than just a great company to call for water damage, fire cleanup, mold removal, biohazard removal, hurricane and storm damage – We are a first rate construction repair company as well. Unlike many other companies who handle mold removal, fire and smoke damage, or flood and water damage dryouts, OneRestore is a COMPLETE Restoration Company. Don’t complicate an already messy problem by dealing with multiple vendors and contractors. Simplify your restoration with OneRestore – your one-stop-shop for every restoration situation.

Local Expertise – Local Connections

We have been in the restoration business right here in Central Florida for several years and have a great reputation not only with our customers but also with other local professionals, vendors, and insurance representatives. Many of our competitors are national companies that bring in crews for local disasters like hurricanes and floods. These companies are here today for the emergency, and then gone tomorrow. Others, especially those that are part of a larger company or national chain, handle only certain aspects of a problem like a flood or fire. This results in you, the homeowner, needing to contract any construction work separately.

OneRestore is equipped to handle your complete restoration, including your reconstruction. Because of our experience in the local area, we have strong relationships with quality local tradesmen – drywall professional, plumbers, electricians, carpet installers and more. Because our reputation in the area is EVERYTHING to us, we only work with the very best in their trade. So you know that with OneRestore the job will be done right. Instead of having to coordinate quotes from your restoration company and 12 other professionals, let us handle everything directly with your insurance company. We will of course keep you in the loop, but you’ve been through enough – let us do what we are good at and restore you to pre-loss condition with one simple point of contact – OneRestore.

Maximize Your Insurance Coverage

Payment for all of the damage covered by your policy is not necessarily guaranteed as you might think. Not all insurance adjusters have construction backgrounds and not all restoration companies handle reconstruction. That is why it is so important to consult a company that can handle your entire restoration, and has extensive experience handling these types of claims. At OneRestore, we perform a 12 point inspection and analysis that results in a thorough and accurate estimate, detailing all damage to your property. Our inspections and estimates include appliance testing, mold treatment, and more. We work closely with all insurance companies and have a great reputation with the adjusters in Central Florida. To minimize your headaches and maximize the effectiveness of your insurance, be sure to select a company that is capable of accurately assessing, quoting, and completing the entire restoration project. The last thing you want is to discover additional problems several months after disaster strikes – like an undetected moisture problem, dangerous mold, or other hidden damage. To avoid costly complications, these are issues that should be identified upfront and addressed in your original claim to the insurance company.

At OneRestore, we work with all insurance companies and have the knowledge and ability to quote and complete the entire job, including construction repair. Don’t leave anything to chance. With water and storm damage, problems with kitchen cabinets, flooring, mold, wiring and appliances aren’t always immediately obvious. Fire damage restorations jobs can often have hidden problems as well. And calls for mold testing and remediation are often leftovers from ineffective or incomplete restoration projects. Let the insurance experts here are OneRestore make sure you are COMPLETELY restored from your disaster.

Convenience and Ease

Because we are a one-stop-shop, working with OneRestore is simply easier than working with other restoration companies that do not handle reconstruction. But there are many other reasons to work with OneRestore. Because we are a local company and our reputation matters, we are dedicated to doing the job better than anyone else. And, doing the job right the first time is our top priority. But if for any reason we fall short, and you are not completely satisfied with our work, please contact us. Our owner is very involved and wants to know where we have room to grow, and we want the opportunity to correct any problem so we have another satisfied OneRestore customer.

Trust OneRestore, your Complete Restoration Company in Ocala.