Prepare Your Home for Summer

As a homeowner, it is important to prepare your home for the summer months as they quickly approach. Taking these necessary precautions can avoid potential damage and keep your property in top condition.

Necessary Steps to Prepare Your Home:

  1. Gutters- Maintaining your gutters is an essential part of home care. Remove any debris that has accumulated in the gutters as well as the down sprouts. If left unattended, the build-up can clog these areas and lead to water damage and other issues down the road.
  2. Roof Inspection: Check your roof for any damage or missing shingles. It is vital to act on repairs when it comes to the roof to prevent leaks and water damage.
  3. Landscape Maintenance: Trim the bushes and trees surrounding the home to avoid any damage to the roof and siding. Summer months in Florida often come with serious storms and hurricanes. Furthermore, overgrown grass and vegetation can trap moisture against your home’s foundation. It is important to manicure trees and bushes that are close to the home to avoid water damage and mold growth.
  4. Inspect Your HVAC system: In addition to having your air conditioner serviced by a professional, a homeowner should also take the necessary steps to keep it clean and running efficiently. This can include replacing air filters, cleaning the vents, checking the refrigerant levels, cleaning the outdoor condenser unit, and keeping the area around the unit free of debris. Ensuring that your air conditioner is in good working condition before summer can keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. It is best to make the necessary replacements before the mid-summer heat arrives to prevent costly breakdowns.
  5. Clean Outdoor Surfaces: This is a great time to power wash your deck, patio, and outdoor surfaces. This can prevent slips and falls by removing dirt, grime, and mildew. A well-maintained deck or patio is less likely to cause accidents or injuries. This step can keep your outdoor areas looking their best.
  6. Check Doors and Windows: Ensuring that the caulking along the windows and doors is sealed properly is a critical part of summer preparation. Without the proper sealing, moisture can enter the home potentially causing water damage. It is also beneficial to look for gaps and cracks in the home’s exterior and foundation during this time. Additionally, checking these areas can keep your home nice and cool during the summer and prevent pests from entering the home.
  7. Prepare for Storms: In case of a power outage, it is important to gather the necessary supplies as a homeowner. Emergency supplies such as flashlights, batteries, and non-perishable food items are recommended to stock up on during these months.
  8. Inspect the Irrigation System: Ensure that your sprinkler system is working properly to make sure that your lawn and garden are receiving the right amount of water.
  9. Inspect Plumbing Systems: Checking your plumbing system and fixing any leaks promptly can help prevent mold growth and water damage. This is especially important for areas that are prone to moisture such as the kitchen and bathrooms.
  10. Safely Store Flammable Materials: Materials that are flammable such as gasoline and propane tanks should be stored in a cool, dry place. It is also essential to ensure that these items are kept out of direct sunlight and other heat sources to avoid any serious accidents.

Overall, inspecting your home before the summer months arrive can help prevent damage and other issues that may arise during the warmer months of the year.

Why are These Steps Important?

  • Water damage: Summer months often bring heavy rain and thunderstorms. Water damage can lead to mold infestation, creating further problems for a homeowner.
  • Ensure safety: Mold can create an environment that is hazardous to those exposed to it. Additionally, taking these necessary steps can help avoid any serious accidents.
  • Save Money: Catching small issues before they turn into larger problems can save homeowners money in the long run. Restoration services and repairs can be costly if the issue is left unattended.

Creating a pre-summer to-do list when it comes to your home is crucial. However, there are still damaging incidents that are unavoidable. If you or someone you know has endured water or fire damage, it is important to seek professional advice and assistance promptly to avoid further problems. OneRestore is a One-Stop-Shop that can take care of all your restoration needs- no need to hassle with multiple contractors.

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