Florida Hurricane Predictions for 2022

No homeowner wants to hear that a hurricane is coming their way. But, it looks like the 2022 Hurricane Season will be an active one for Floridians.

Florida experiences hurricanes every year, typically surrounding certain months – June 1 through November 30. As Floridians, we refer to this cluster of months as “Hurricane Season”.

Our state has been hit by twice as many hurricanes as the second most affected state. With that being said, Florida is very prone to hurricanes, and therefore it is important to know what to expect and prepare appropriately.

2022 Hurricane Season

As for the year 2022, we are predicted to experience another “above-average hurricane season.” with an expected average of

  • 13-16 named storms
  • 6-8 hurricanes
  • 2-3 major hurricanes (category 3 or higher)
Fascinating Fact! Last year about 75% of all named storms were accurately predicted – not only when but also where they occurred. 

Hurricane Categories

There are varying categories when it comes to hurricanes. These 5 categories are determined based on the hurricane’s maximum sustained wind speed. Below are the categories listed from least to greatest wind speeds measured in MPH.

  • Category 1: This category will likely result in minor damage with wind speeds from 74 to 95 mph.
  • Category 2: At this level, it will likely result in extensive damage, such as uprooted trees and broken windows, and have wind speeds from 96 to 110 mph.
  • Category 3: This kind of destruction is subject to devastating damage, resulting in broken windows and doors. It can reach winds of up to 111 to 129 mph.
  • Category 4: This category has expected catastrophic damage, with potentially torn-off roofs. These winds can reach anywhere from 130 to 156 mph.
  • Category 5: This is the worst level of destruction, including the loss of homes and buildings. Winds can be 157 mph or greater.

Hurricanes and other tropical cyclones are fueled by warm water. Therefore, our climate is a primary contributor to the hurricane average.

How do they predict hurricane season in advance?

There are various factors that specialists assess when deciphering what a hurricane season will look like. By observing sea temperatures and assessing things like La Niña, AO, NAO, and LRC, a professional can get a good idea of the potential dates and locations that hurricanes are likely to occur.

LRC, also known as Lezak’s Recurring Cycle, uses techniques of the past to predict the future. Each year in the fall a weather pattern becomes established based on dominant repeating features. These features include the location and timing of the long-term troughs (low pressure) and ridges (high pressure). As these features repeat themselves they provide clues as to where storm systems will reach peak strength the following year. The 2022 hot spots and hot dates are as follows.

  • ATLANTIC side of Florida – Late June / Late August to Early September: The Atlantic, near Florida, is the favored location for the formation of a low pressure system like we saw on October 9-11, 2021. We should expect potential return dates include late June and late August to early September. It is projected to lift in the northward direction.
  • GOLF side of Florida – Late July to Early August / Late September: Another area of low pressure, formed in the Gulf of Mexico November 6, 2021, then crossed the peninsula and made its way out to sea. We should expect return dates for this part of the pattern in late July to early August and late September. Florida and the Gulf of Mexico are likely places of development for this cycle.

OneRestore is NOT a specialist in meteorology – we are disaster restoration specialists. Much of the information for this article came from an article produced by meteorologist, Eric Burris, with WESH 2 news. You can read the entire article here: https://www.wesh.com/article/wesh-2022-hurricane-season-forecast/39164302#.

Prepare Ahead

A homeowner must become familiar with the damage possible for each of the storm categories. Appropriate preparation is necessary to keep your home and family safe when it comes to hurricanes. While some hurricanes may only crack a window or uproot a tree, others have the potential to severely damage a home’s infrastructure. Quite often the extent of damage to the properties in an area hit by a hurricane is determined by the flooding caused by gusts of wind pushing rising water onto the land, as well as tornados that form on the edge of the storm. Therefore, it is still important to prepare and exercise caution regardless of the category.

If you or someone you know sustains damage from a hurricane, it is vital to get the advice of a local storm restoration company. Not only can the compromised framework become a danger to you and your family, but water damage can also be dangerous. If water damage is not cleaned and repaired effectively and in a timely manner, it has the potential to form mold. Mold is unsafe for anyone to breathe for any amount of time. Seeking professional help for water extraction and other hurricane damage is important.

No one plans to have a hurricane or resulting damage to their home. And when it does happen, you often don’t have access to the internet. Store our number on your phone just to be on the safe side. Then, if disaster does strike you can contact OneRestore. Our experts will work with you from beginning to end to get you back to normal again! We are a One-Stop-Shop providing our customers with everything from water extraction and roof repair to remodeling and mold treatment. It is not necessary to hassle with multiple contractors—We do it all!

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