Christmas Hazards to Avoid this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to fill your home with lights, tinsels, baubles, Christmas trees, and much more! Christmas is a festive holiday that many individuals love to partake by decorating their homes inside and out. However, it is easy to forget the possible dangers among all the adornment and holiday festivities.

6 Christmas Hazards to Avoid:

Overused Power Sockets:

During the Christmas Holidays, a tremendous increase in lighting is used. Between fairy lights for the Christmas tree, lights for the staircase, other indoor lighting, not to mention outdoor lighting, a great deal of electricity is consumed. It is a common mistake to use sockets that are most convenient, while unknowingly overheating them. This can cause sparks to fly and a fire to occur, or serve up a nasty shock to whoever is in harm’s way. With that being said, it is crucial to evenly spread the festive lighting across multiple power sockets around your home.

Putting Up Décor:

In addition to the risks of over using sockets, the action of installing these lights and other decorations can be dangerous. Oftentimes, we want to hang ornaments and lights in high-up places that are difficult to reach. Outdoor lightening can call for an even greater risk, especially if your home is 2 stories. With that being said, ensuring that your ladder is stable and have a second person may be beneficial.

Unstable Christmas Tree:

Although plastic trees have become very popular, some people still chose the authentic route. It is important to invest in the proper tree stand if you decide to go with a traditional tree. Some individuals think that planting them in a pot with some water will do the trick, but this puts your tree at risk of falling over. Not only will this create a big mess, but also becomes a hazard to young kids and the gifts underneath.

Increased Fire Risk

Back to the potential fire dilemma… Wrapping paper and other inflammable items increase the chances of a fire occurring. Although you may want to wait to pick up wrapping paper and other disposable items until later in the day or even the next day, it may not be the safest option. Fires can start in a multitude of ways, so don’t encourage their potential by leaving cardboard and paper all around your home.


Although it may seem like an obvious pointer, overexcitement or the use of alcohol can create numerous additional risks. And, these two conditions combined could cause someone to do something they would not normally do like assemble a child’s toy with a knife as opposed to a screw driver, or knock over a drink near a burning candle.


Candles put home fires at an all year high in December, with January ranking number two. This is no coincidence with the number of candles that are burned for holiday festivities and that nostalgic scent. Candles certainly add to the holiday atmosphere, but it is critical to keep candles attended and make sure flammable items are a good distance away. A great alternative to candles is a Scentsy burner. It will still provide that wonderful holiday aroma, but more safely by using a light bulb to warm scented wax. The newer electric candles can also be used for visual ambience without the added danger of an open flame.

Christmas is a time for family to reunite, a time of joy and good cheer. Don’t risk that by taking unnecessary risks this holiday season. Be safe, and have a very Merry Christmas.

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