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OneRestore is a local Restoration Contractor in Gainesville, devoted to providing SUPERIOR restoration services for our customers.

  • We are local and our reputation is treasurable to our company, as is the leaving every customer satisfied with our work.
  • Being a One-Stop-Shop, you don't have to deal with the hassle of multiple contractors. Most companies handle one to two aspects of renovation - OneRestore does it ALL.
  • During the loss we will provide outstanding levels of communication and responsiveness to relieve stress and restore you to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.
  • There are NO upfront costs
  • Your restorations are supported by the BEST warranties in the business
  • We also offer 24/7 Emergency Contact and Service

We are an integrity-based business as we look forward to seeing you at the supermarket. Every interaction and restoration in Gainesville is important to us because our reputation amongst the community is essential to OneRestore. Learn more of what makes us different from other restoration companies in making the best choice for your restoration. Read the message from our owner and Contact OneRestore for a free inspection and evaluation today!

One-Stop-Shop for Restoration Services in Gainesville

We believe that when there is disaster or an emergency situation there’s a sense of chaos, but that’s why we are here; to get you back to normal as simple as possible. That is why we created the place where you can go to handle any and all aspects of your restoration from cleanup and dryout to remodeling and construction. With multiple vendors, why complicate an already messy situation? Don’t hesitate, call OneRestore and let us handle the rest. We'll make sure to get you back to normal in no time.


If your home or business has become victim of a fire, OneRestore can provide the highest-quality fire restoration services in Gainesville. Our qualified professionals handle these situations best by offering a safely clean and removal of smoke odor from flooring, furniture and other salvageable items. Our reconstruction crew and new remodeling center strive to get you back to normal quick and efficient. All with a 3 Year Warranty and No Upfront CostLearn More.


OneRestore provides top notch water damage restoration services for commercial and residential properties. This involves safe and effective flood water removal, mold mitigation, and damage repair. Whether because of flooding, natural disaster, or plumbing issues, any water damage must promptly receive the proper attention needed. Water damage can result to mold each day untreated. 3 Year Warranty and No Upfront Cost.


Over the counter products will never be enough to eliminate certain types of mold in your business or home. This is particularly true when there is a buildup of mold due to excess water from a broken pipe, flood, or leaking roof. Fully and safely removing mold requires hiring professionals who specialize in mold remediation. Do so before toxic spores do permanent damage to your structure or impose health issues. OneRestore provides Mold Testing and Free Inspections.


High winds from a hurricane can destroy a roof leaving it to be ineffective at keeping the rest of your home dry and protected. Flying debris and fallen trees can cause severe damage to your structure. A flood water or a leaking roof can cause water damage that must be treated because if not, can result in a serious mold problem. OneRestore can do the job right by addressing ALL of these storm damage repair issues!  5 Year Limited Warranty and No Upfront Costs.


When handling mold removal, unlike many other companies who handle water dryouts, mold removal, storm or fire damage, OneRestore is a first rate construction repair company with a remodeling center. This means that we handle your COMPLETE restoration project - not just one part of it. Don’t overwhelm yourself by dealing with multiple vendors and contractors at once. Call OneRestore – the one-stop-shop for all your restoration situations. 3 Year Warranty and No Upfront Costs


During times when there was a flood, a fire or other disaster, there are several parts of the house that could have been affected but not unsalvageable. That's where OneRestore’s cleaning services come in. We have green cleaning services for upholstery and carpet, and can remove many odors other cleaners cannot. We also have crews to renovate your granite, marble, tile and other hard surfaces.

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose OneRestore...


A Message from Our Owner

Thank you for visiting our OneRestore website where you can learn all about our Restoration Company in Gainesville and the services we provide. OneRestore is a quality residential and commercial service-based business, respected in our industry, the communities we serve, and most importantly by our customers. We are an Accredited Business at the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating, and we are an Angie’s List Preferred “A” Rated Vendor. That is because here at OneRestore we believe in one-to-one service with 100% satisfaction for ALL of our work, always with special focus and attention on the importance of customer service.

If you have experienced an unexpected disaster you want one thing - a company who can get you back to your original condition or better as quickly as possible and with the least amount of stress for you. I have worked diligently with one goal in mind - to create a company that can deliver that kind of restoration service to people in need. I believe there are several things that set OneRestore apart from other companies and allow us to provide the best restoration services in Gainesville...

We are a local restoration company.

This is important to you in many ways. Whenever we have wide spread hurricane damage, companies from other areas flock to our area. Our reputation here in Gainesville is not only important to us - it is critical to our future success. We believe in supporting our local economy and hire trusted local contractors ourselves when the need arises. This is a huge advantage to you, because when the disaster is past we are still here in Gainesville ready to serve, answer questions, or address issues that surface after the fact. We aren't big and impersonal like some of the national companies who hire temporary help (without the necessary experience) and rush to the site of a disaster, only to disappear as soon as it is passed. We care about each and every one of our customers - and honestly I personally hope that it shows in everything we do.

OneRestore is a one-stop-shop for all of your restoration needs.

Not all restoration contractors are the same. Many of our competitors handle only one part of the project - like a dryout for example. If the damage to your home or business requires new cabinetry or flooring, reconstruction, or mold treatment, with other companies you may need to hire a second or third company to complete the job. Multiple contractors mean multiple bids that all have to be coordinated and approved by your insurance company. OneRestore not only handles the initial cleanup from your storm, water, or fire damage, but we have a host of other services to finish the job right. We provide carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, as well as granite and marble restoration. We also provide mold testing, removal and treatment. Finally, we have complete reconstruction services and a remodeling center right here in Gainesville. OneRestore means one bid from start to finish - and we will work with your insurance company to get it approved quickly and with the least amount of stress for you. When disaster strikes, the last thing you need is more headaches. We handle everything from insurance claims to sub-contractors, coordinating the work needed to restore your property to it’s original condition or better with just one call to OneRestore. Contact us now for a FREE inspection.

Our warranties are the best in the business.

Many restoration companies in Gainesville offer warranties on the materials they use, but we also provide warranties on our work. We are proud to provide the best in restoration services and we stand behind them. For more information about the warranties offered in different situations, contact the company or explore our pages for fire damage, water and flood damage, storm damage, and mold remediation.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Disasters are never convenient and often happen outside of normal business hours. OneRestore is available around the clock - 365 days a year. We can usually respond to your emergency within 1 hour!

We are built on integrity and do the job right the 1st time.

You will find everything here that you need to learn about the integrity of our services. We have tried to provide useful information to help you familiarize yourself with our company, our services, and our work ethic before inviting us into your home. We guarantee that our technicians are highly experienced and certified in order to provide the best-quality performance for all emergency restoration services. 

So if you are in need of restoration services in Gainesville or the surrounding area call OneRestore now for a free inspection

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