How Do You Fix a Fire Damaged House?

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Experiencing a fire is incredibly horrifying for any home or business owner. No one expects to lose everything in a blink of an eye due to fire damage. The magnitude and length of time it takes to put out the fire determines how much your home or workspace will suffer. It is important to pay careful attention to detail when repairing fire damage because it is a multi-step process. Below are critical tips to follow after your home or area of business has endured a fire disaster.

  1. Evacuation: The very first step in the event that a fire breaks out is to evacuate the home. Even if you think the fire has been extinguished, it is imperative to understand that re-entering the property is dangerous. This is because the fire has the possibility of reigniting. Additionally, the fundamental structures of the home may be compromised from fire damage and could collapse as a result.
  2. Hiring a Contractor: It is essential to hire an expert restoration contractor who is not only experienced in fire damage repair but who also has worked extensively with insurance companies on these types of claims. During this step of the process, it is meaningful for the property owner to take extensive notes about the damage alongside the inspector. This qualified contractor will determine the extent of damage that has taken place and what repairs are necessary. They will inspect the damage, evaluating how far the fire, smoke, and soot have traveled. It is the building contractor’s job to estimate the cost and coordinate the repairs. In addition, they will also usually meet with the insurance adjuster to go over damages, maximizing your coverage with the insurance company. This person will oversee the entire fire repair process.
  3. Safety and Prevention: After the contractor performs an extensive inspection, restoration experts block off the hazardous area. Oftentimes, technicians will board up the home. This protects the homeowner from any liability, restricting the chance that an individual might injure themselves in the house.
  4. Tarp and Sealing for Protection: The restoration contractor will then try their best to prevent any further damage. They do so by applying a tarp to burned roofs to avoid further damage resulting from rain. In the unfortunate event that your plumbing has been compromised, these experts will also address these issues to avoid additional harm to your home.
  5. Debris Clean-Up: After an inspection has taken place as well as the necessary safety precautions, it is time for the clean-up process. After a fire, it is typical to have a tremendous amount of debris, charred wood, and soot. Repair experts will work as quickly as possible to get rid of this waste as well as the smoke smell, salvaging any furniture and personal items possible. To remove heavy odor, they sometimes use air-scrubbing technology. During this step in the process, it is important for the homeowner to be present if possible, to help determine which belongings are salvageable.
  6. Water Removal and Sanitation: The next step in the fire restoration process involves water damage technicians. These individuals will ensure the removal of standing water as well as dry out water affected areas of the home. Water removal and sanitation is a critical step to prevent mold growth, which could compromise the home’s structural integrity resulting in greater issues in the future.
  7. Damage Repair: During this time, repair technicians begin reconstructing your home’s physical structure. The removal of drywall, burned window casing, and charred flooring is required for many fire damaged properties. Other restoration tasks include replacing doors, roofs, plumping parts, and attic trusses. Things like breaker boxes and electrical wiring are additional aspects of the home that may need replacing. Hiring various qualified professionals is an essential part of this step which should be coordinated by your restoration contractor.

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