What Kind of Damage Can Hurricanes Cause?

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Hurricanes can bring several serious hazards to you and your home. These various hazards include wind, storm surge, flooding, and sometimes even tornados. Hurricanes impact natural environments as well as the homes we live in. Sometimes these damages can be extensive and costly.

Hurricanes are rated on the strength of the storm’s wind, which typically indicates how much damage it will bring. The strongest wind being a 5 and the weakest placed at a 1. The strongest hurricane was said to have 190 miles per hour winds. This level of wind strength can move buildings and rip trees from the ground. A storm surge occurs when seawater rises above normal due to the storm pushing water onshore. When this happens, major flooding is liking to occur. Heavy rain is also a huge source of flooding during a hurricane. Hurricane rain typically produces 6 to 12 inches or more of floodwater. However, there have been reports of up to 20 inches of rain after serious storms.

  • A Category 1 hurricane has the ability to cause slight damage to your home. Typical damages include tree branch breakage, as well as roof and siding damage. Individuals often experience power outages for up to several days as a result of this level of hurricane.
  • A Category 2 hurricane will likely consist of the damages involved in a Category 1 hurricane as well as trees being uprooted. Additionally, power outages for a Category 2 hurricane could last weeks.
  • A Category 3 hurricane can cause major damage or destruction. The intense winds involved in a Category 3 could result in the necessary replacement of a roof, siding, and gutters all together. People often fill their bathtubs when they hear news of this type of hurricane. That is because you may lose your county water supply in addition to your power.
  • A Category 4 hurricane usually calls for evacuation from the area. These winds are so intense that they can cause power outages for up to months at a time.
  • A Category 5 hurricane is the most powerful. This type of hurricane can flatten a home down to timber. Oftentimes, power poles throughout neighborhoods are destroyed.

As you can see, hurricanes can bring serious weather conditions and catastrophic damage as a result. Depending on the hurricane’s category and the location of your home will determine how much your property will suffer. There is an average of 5 hurricanes in the United States every 3 years. That is why it is important to prepare for hurricanes and the damage that they may cause.

Tips on How to Prevent Your Home from Hurricane Damage:

  • Investing in hurricane insurance is beneficial, particularly for those located in hurricane zones.
  • Flood insurance is also a good idea for those located in flood zones. Hurricanes often cause flooding which results in major damage to the home.
  • Installing a metal roof could be extremely valuable during a natural disaster, as well as the installation of impact windows. This could lessen the general impact of hurricane damage done to your home.
  • If installing a metal roof is not your budget, it is critical to properly inspect your current roof before a natural disaster occurs. This includes checking the condition of your home’s shingles and seams for any necessary resealing. It is important to replace any shingles that appear to be showing excessive wear or are peeling. When inspecting a roof, it also essential to inspect the trusses and ensure they also do not need replacing.
  • Installing metal roof straps is also a great alternative to a metal roof. During a hurricane, metal straps provide extra weight in an effort to keep your roof in its place.
  • Before hurricane season, it is always a good idea to trim the trees surrounding your house. Primed branches are less likely to tear off and harm your home.
  • It is crucial to ensure that all windows and doors are properly shut and sealed for the preparation of a hurricane. Window seepage can cause serious water damage to your home, especially if left unnoticed. Reseal doors and windows if necessary, to avoid additional damage to your house.
  • Window shutters are not only cosmetic but can also protect your windows. It is important to invest in impact-resistant shutters that can withstand a certain level of wind and flying debris. It is beneficial to know that shutters should be installed on the wall rather than the window frame. In the case of a hurricane, shutters mounted to the wall will withstand greater damage.
  • Upgrading to impact-resistant windows can be costly but acquire much less damage and cleanup in the case of a hurricane.
  • Any loose furniture and décor located outside the house should be relocated inside. Even items like a porch swing are recommended to be brought inside, especially for higher category hurricanes.
  • Cleaning out your gutters before a hurricane sounds like a waste of time. However, this is important because an overflow of debris will cause excessive damage to the siding and roof of your home.
  • Checking the condition of a home’s foundation is an important step to do before a hurricane. If there are any cracks or signs of major distress, you should ensure to take care of them as soon as possible. There are “DIY” ways to correct these issues before a storm makes them worse.

A home is one of your biggest assets and investments in life. That is why it should be maintained and protected at all costs during times of natural disasters. Ensuring that your home is prepped for a hurricane ahead of time could save you and your family costly damage expenses.

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