Kitchen Island Ideas

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Kitchen Island Ideas

The addition of an island in a kitchen is an easy upgrade. With ovens, stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators competing for the space within your kitchen, storage becomes very limited. An island would be beneficial and create a very functional kitchen without giving up any of these other amenities. Below are some kitchen island ideas to help you maximize your addition.

Top 7 Kitchen Island Trends:

  1. Extra Counter Space

With the extra counter space an island provides, it serves as a dining area and can also be useful to prep food. An up-to-date and spacious island will likely take up a fifth of the kitchen space so it’s important to not let these benefits go to waste.

  1. More Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Islands also provide extensive storage space. There are a variety of designs including open shelfing and easily assessable pull out drawers. These options give the homeowner an opportunity to stock items uniquely, rather than hiding everything behind cabinets.

  1. Convenient Counter Cooktop

An island makes socializing while trying to host a party a lot less complicated. As everyone typically gathers near the kitchen during these events and other holidays, mingling becomes difficult when you’re unable to face your guests. However, with the addition of a cook top island table, you could show off your culinary skills and visit with your guests effortlessly.

A cooktop island gives an individual the opportunity to cook in the middle of the kitchen, but it is important to know that they require strategic planning. Typically, stoves are installed against the wall for the purpose of easy exhaust fan hood installation. However, the benefits may outweigh the necessary planning for this project.

  1. Wine or Drink Fridge

Beverage coolers can be especially beneficial for families who find they take up a great deal of space cooling their drinks. With the installation of a wine refrigerator, refreshments can be stored conveniently.

When deciding on which wine refrigerator would be best for your kitchen island, it is important to consider the amount of space you have available. Measure the dimensions of the island to ensure you don’t invest in one that is too large or too small.

  1. Modern Microwave Location

The elevated placement of a microwave is not the safest. Trying to grab hot items from high positions can be dangerous. That is why it would be extremely resourceful to install a microwave or even a speed oven within your kitchen island. It provides a family-friendly, modern-looking alternative to the typical above stove or cabinet location.

  1. Preparation Sink

The process of preparing foods, especially meats, can have you washing your hands several time. A prep sink installation would save a tremendous amount of time spent cooking without the hassle of running around the kitchen. The sink is such an essential appliance in the kitchen, that oftentimes many of us take it for granted.

Innovative interior designers and experienced remodeling companies make an immense difference when it comes to designing kitchen layouts and optimizing the space given.

  1. Kitchen Island with Seating

Picking the design of a kitchen island also includes choosing to have a counter-height or bar height layout. If you enjoy hosting guests in your home, bar-style seating would allow you to be at eye level with your visitors while you cook. Additionally, it provides an excellent, comfortable means for additional friends to stand and enjoy the conversation. An essential part of the design to consider is the amount of seating you would desire. Having enough seating for the entire family to eat comfortably is imperative to some individuals.

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