6 Things to Think About Before Remodeling Your Home

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No matter how satisfied you are with your home, there are always things you may want to improve. Browsing through home decor magazines, websites, or watching home improvements shows can prompt someone to make comparisons and ultimately wish for updates. Despite the fact that remodeling can greatly increase the value of your home, a homeowner needs to be prepared. Before you decide to make renovations to your home, there are important factors to consider. Below is a list of 6 fundamental tips when taking on this endeavor.

Design Your Dream Layout

As mentioned previously, individuals gain inspiration from various types of material including the internet, magazines, TV shows, and more recently, social media. These platforms can give you an idea of your dream colors, textures, and the overall layout you wish to achieve. In this case, it is beneficial to capture your favorite schemes through pictures and screenshots to form a visual wish list. This part of the process can also help an individual narrow down exactly what type of remodel they are looking for, whether that be structural or solely cosmetic.

Formulating a Budget

One of the very first steps in the remodeling process is figuring out a budget that works for you. Before contacting your local contractor, it is helpful to stroll your local design center to gain a perspective on pricing. It is important to consider the labor costs in addition to the material expense. Every decision throughout the remodeling process is based on a budget. It is vital to be realistic to your goals but also to what you can afford.

Hiring a Contractor

It is crucial to provide your due diligence when choosing a contractor for your remodeling services. Although this step may be time-consuming, it is significant to electing a qualified and acceptable hire. However, it is meaningful to remember that many highly qualified contractors are booked weeks in advance. In this case, being patient can avoid hiring an unqualified individual. As a restoration contractor, OneRestore has a lot of experience rebuilding and remodeling just about every area of a home or business.

During this hiring process, it is your job to request proper documents during consultations. Necessary documentation may include proper licensing, insurance, and references. Connecting with your contractor during your consultation may be a relevant factor for many homeowners. Depending on the extent of your remodel, these workers may be in your home for weeks or months at a time. Due to this, it is important to consider your level of comfort around these individuals.

Get Things in Writing

Throughout the contractor hiring process, it is beneficial to request their proposed plans in writing. Additionally, once you have located your dream contractor, gaining detailed summaries with their pricing and services is useful to remain in budget.

Understand the Reality of Remodeling

During the actual remodeling process, it is important to have a plan to work around the reconstruction. Remodeling jobs are portrayed as easy, quick tasks on your local TV networks but can present obstacles in reality.

If you decide to follow through with a full kitchen remodel, you may be left without working appliances for some time. It is important to consider allocating an additional budget for eating out. Create wiggle room within your budget.

Be prepared for the remodeling process to take longer than expected. There are a variety of factors that may get in the way of your project finishing on time such as illness among subcontractors, materials being on back-order, weather delays, and more. In this case, it is wise to provide your home and your workers with an ample amount of time to complete the job. Some individuals may not want their home to be under construction near the holidays or if they have guests coming.

Recognize the Potential Return on Investment

Performing a return on investment (ROI) research can be extremely valuable to those whose main goal is to increase their home value. A homeowner can expect a great return on a remodeling project that is not too costly but still bears impressive quality. Most professionals (realtors, appraisers, and contractors) will tell you that improvements to your bathrooms and kitchen will typically do the most to improve the value of your home.

For answers to questions concerning the cost of your remodel, as well as which remodeling projects provide the best resale value, contact the remodeling experts at OneRestore. They can help you devise a plan based on whatever type of remodeling project you have in mind!

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