7 Unforeseen Dangers of a Leaky Roof

7 Unforeseen Dangers of a Leaky Roof - OneRestore

Water damage can be serious problem for both the integrity of your structure and your health. Keep an eye out for a leaky roof that can ruin your home and compromise your safety.

A Roof leak should be taken seriously and when it presents itself, and should be the highest priority when addressing home maintenance. Leaks can develop for a variety of reasons including improper roof installation, lack of maintenance, damage from wind or a storm, or simply the age of the roof. In fact, your roof should be replaced every 20-30 years.

It is essential to remember that small leaks are important to prioritize as well. They can pose additional structural problems and health risks within the home. Here are some unforeseen ways a leaky roof can damage your health and your home:

Mold and Mildew Issues

Mold and mildew growth are serious issues that one could expect to see with a long-lasting leak. Mold can spread easily and once it does, it is very costly to eliminate from a home. As it spreads through the structure and the ventilation of the home, it contaminates the air as well as the carpets, furniture, wood frames, ceiling fans, walls, and even clothing.

Health Concerns from Mold

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, those suffering with nasal congestions, rhinitis, inflammations, asthma, and other sensitivities have a greater risk for health concerns when exposed to mold toxicity. However, areas where mold and mildew are present can create a dangerous environment for anyone. Symptoms that mold spores can cause include allergic reactions, asthmatic syndromes, skin conditions, and other health issues.

Attic and Ceiling Damage

Aside from the serious health issues that mold can create, a leaky roof affect the structure of your home as well. The attic and items inside it are the first areas of the home affected by a roof leak. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can detect water leaks through darkened sections of ceiling paint and sometimes the ceiling plaster will bubble and expand. Damage to mounted fans or lights is often an indication as well.

Increased Fire Hazard from a Leaky Roof?

An unanticipated threat from a leak is the increased risk of a house fire. The possibility of electrical wiring being exposed to water from a leak is very dangerous. Electricity to that area of the structure should be shut off until the leak is fixed.

Higher Utility Bills and Wasted Energy

As water builds up in your insulation, the cellulose and fiberglass become saturated and takes longer to dry. This causes the insulation to deplete over time resulting in more lost hot and cold air. In turn, this creates a higher electric bill.

Slip and Fall Hazard

Although this may not seem like a very significant risk, puddles on the floor can result in some very serious injuries. This possibility may be greater for those with kids or who live a more active lifestyle.

Compromised Structural Integrity

Chronic roof leaks lead to greater structural damage resulting in a variety of other issues. These include damaged rafters, damaged ceiling joists, injured wall frames, dinged exterior trim, wood deterioration, peeling paint, damaged ceilings, and buckled wall coverings. This type of damage typically requires a professional contractor to remedy the problems. At this point, your roof may even be unstable and at risk of collapse, damaging not only furniture and other items but potentially individuals as well.

OneRestore – Your Leaky Roof Expert!

OneRestore is a restoration contractor in Central Florida, serving Ocala, Gainesville, Crystal River and The Villages. As a restoration contractor, we have seen plenty of roof damage due to hurricanes and other storms. We will provide roof tarps for initial protection, and roof repair or replacement depending upon the extent of the damage. Our specialty is water damage and we have dealt with every level and severity of flood and water damage. In addition, we provide mold testing and remediation, and can also treat an affected area to prevent future mold growth. If you suspect water damage from a roof leak, call the experts at OneRestore. We’ve got you covered through every step of your restoration.

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