Prioritizing Your List of Home Remodeling Projects

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So, it’s the New Year. And, if you are like everyone else, your year is packed with new resolutions and plans. If your new year plan comes with a list for remodeling, but you don’t know where to start – keep reading!

Whether your list is made up of tasks as basic as new paint for the living room, or more involved projects like completely remodeling the master bathroom, how do you prioritize your remodeling to-do-list?

“It is always a good bet to consider things that are necessities, things that will protect your investment, first” says Mike Farrell, owner of OneRestore – a local restoration and remodeling company. “Window replacements & roof replacements — those are what you would consider necessary as opposed to a luxury. If your home is in good repair with all of the necessities taken care of, you can start looking to the enhancements that will get the most value.”

What is most “valuable” for you may differ from your neighbor. Did you just buy your first home and want to fix it up? Are you a growing family that needs to organize and create more space? Are you recent empty-nesters who are planning to re-appropriate your extra rooms? Where ever you are in life, OneRestore can help provide remodeling options that are sure to please. We are not only your best resource in a disaster, but also have first rate remodeling services – with a remodeling center right here in Ocala! If you have a list of remodeling projects in mind, it may be difficult to decide what to do first.

Improving the Starter Home

If you’ve just purchased your first home, you may not have a large budget to put toward remodeling. Since this is your first home, it is probably not your last home. So, how much should you really spend if you’re not planning to live in the house for more than a few years?

“Once you have taken care of the necessities, focus on the areas that are dated,” Fought says. “The green shag carpet, the blue sink in the bathroom, the paneling in the living room — these can be fixed on a budget and without ripping a room down to the studs.”

Other inexpensive updates that can change the entire “feel” of a room without a lot of expense include updating the hardware in the kitchen and bathroom. If the hinges to your cupboards are exposed – don’t leave them out. It is best to measure your handle attachments before shopping so you don’t have to drill new holes. Also new appliances in the kitchen can make a huge difference not only in appearance but also in functionality. Finally, installing crown molding can really update and upgrade the look of your home.

Replacing sinks and fixtures in a kitchen or bathroom can be a bit more expensive and may require a professional. If they are outdated, this can improve the esthetics of your home and therefore the value.

It is the details that enhance a home. While flooring and paint go a long way to make a space your own, they don’t really add value to the home – unless the current flooring is very worn or outdated. Those things are personal tastes, and when you move on the next owner will probably change it.

Remodeling for the Growing Family

Baseball practice, gymnastics, after work meeting, and don’t forget to take the dog to the vet — sound familiar? If your time is consumed with taking care of your growing family, remodeling projects can get put off. Then again, how nice would those closet organizers and remodeled family room be for everyone?

Typically, the kitchen and family room are the areas of focus for busy families. Having a dedicated playroom that can evolve to a teen room down the road can be great, if there is room in your home. It helps to keep your main living area clear of kids’ stuff, so parents can enjoy a clean home free from clutter when guests are over. It also allows the kids a place of their own where they can entertain their friends and enjoy their favorite activities like foosball or video games. Second garages or pool houses often make great “kid hang-outs”.

Raising a family can change your remodeling priorities a bit. The kitchen is usually the central point for the family. A kitchen remodel that transforms a closed-in galley kitchen to an open-concept with additional storage or a mudroom, are popular options.

Mudrooms are not just trendy, but they are also popular and functional. With the addition of some innovative storage (like lockers), the kids’ book bags and shoes stay out of your traffic areas and living spaces.

Renovating Your Empty Nest

If your kids have moved out and you’re contemplating your next remodeling project – maybe it is time to indulge! Go ahead – build your 4-car garage so you can work on your cars or build the dream kitchen you’ve been imagining for the last 20 years.

To make your home feel less empty and more like your nest, start with your hobbies or things you enjoy. If you enjoy making quilts, use one of your empty bedrooms to create a sewing room with storage for materials. If you like to drink beer and throw darts, create a man-cave in your extra garage or storage barn with a bar and plenty of darts.

If you’re not ready to downsize, go ahead and make your house as grand as possible with custom closets, remodel the master bathroom, and build your dream kitchen. When you get to this point in life, you’re not spending all your money on the kids and can usually afford to remodel your house as you want.

Remodeling Project That Add the Most Value

One of the questions we get most often especially from people who expect to move in the next few years – Which remodeling projects will add the most value?

Here they are…

  • Kitchens – When done by a professional, remodeling your kitchen will often add the most value to your home.
  • Bathrooms – Especially if the fixtures and tile are dated, remodeling bathrooms is a close second in the value quest.
  • Outdated Flooring – All houses are expected to have flooring but changing that worn carpet in the living room to wood floors or terrazzo tile will definitely make an impact on potential buyers and therefore the bottom line in a sale.
  • Landscaping – Although landscaping doesn’t add directly to a home’s value, it is the first impression for potential buyers.
  • Fresh Paint – Makes a home look crisp, clean and well cared for.

Keep in mind, “value” is relative. You are not likely to get the same dollar-for-dollar increase in your home’s value as the cost of your remodel – regardless of what it is. So, it is important to consider what will make you happy, make your life easier, and bring you more joy.

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