What do you do if a tree damages your roof?

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Safety first! Then make the phone call!

Although trees and natural landscape can increase the beauty of a home, sometimes they can create issues. Fallen trees near or your home are among the top ways to incur damage to a home.

The first step in this type of natural disaster is to evacuate the area and confirm that everyone is present and uninjured. This is essential in the event there is additional falling debris from a weakened structure. Also, water entering the home as a result of roof damage or broken pipes could come in contact with electrical circuits, becoming extremely dangerous.

Rescuing your valuables and other necessities from your home is probably a top priority for any homeowner. However, it is best to be safe and wait for a professional to evaluate the area for safety. After it has been determined that the home doesn’t pose any safety risk, gathering essentials, valuables and photographs of the damage is another important step.

After taking these precautions the next step is to call a qualified roofing contractor, or even better – a restoration company. A restoration contractor is a better choice if you suspect more than just minor roof damage. They are qualified and equipped to repair your roof as well as remove standing water, dryout your home, treat for mold, and replace any cabinetry and flooring that has been damaged. A restoration company can do the complete job, avoiding the mess of multiple contractors. They will assess all of the damage and provide a professional evaluation to restore your home to its previous condition, working with your insurance adjuster along the way.

In some situations, the home owner is fortunate enough to experience damage only to the roof and require only repair or replacement of missing shingles. In this either case, the contractor will provide a tarp to cover the damaged area for the duration of repairs.

Structural damage, or damage that affects the core integrity of a home may call for greater reconstruction. This may include damage to the attic, windows, door frames or walls. You may also notice a sagging ceiling, or evidence of water inside the home. In these situations, a restoration contractor is necessary to assess and report the extent of the structural damage to your insurance company in order to avoid an incomplete claim.

Even if you feel your roof damage is minor, it is important to address the situation as soon as possible. This will help to limit additional damage to the home, and insure maximum coverage for any insurance claim.

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