Important Things to Know if a Tree Falls on Your Home

If a tree falls on your house – safely evacuate, then call a restoration contractor for temporary repairs and assessment of the damage before you do anything else!

Despite the fact that trees can significantly add to the attractiveness of a home’s landscape, they can pose a severe threat during a storm. If a tree falls on your home, here are a few basic tips:

• It is important to evacuate the house as soon as possible. If electrical circuits come in contact with water, remaining indoors could potentially be very dangerous.
• Taking pictures of the destruction and all the damage that occurred to the home is critical. These pictures can be used as proof of documentation for insurance claims.
• Gathering a few necessities/valuables from the home is also a good idea as you will not want to reenter for an extended period of time.
• The roof may only require repairs for damaged or missing shingles if the accident did not damage the actual structure of the house. Like many roofing contractors and restoration companies, OneRestore will provide homeowners with tarps to cover the damaged areas during the restoration process.
• It is important to find a company that also provides general contracting and remodeling if structural roof damage exists. Although roofers may only be licensed for roofing, it is relevant to know that some have a general contractor’s license.
• If there has been rain or high humidity, there is always the possibility of water damage and potential for mold growth. Under these conditions, it would also be a great idea to consult a water restoration and mold remediation company.

Why You Should Call a Water Restoration Company Instead of a Roofing Company…

Experience with Insurance Companies. A restoration company is accustomed to dealing with disasters and is better equipped to handle them than a roofing contractor, or even a general contractor. As a restoration company, we deal with insurance companies all day every day. Most general contractors and roofing companies do not. We know how to inspect your home, evaluate the full extent of your problem, and prepare your estimate, to insure ALL of your damage is fully detailed and has the best chance of being covered by your insurance company.

Treatment for Water Damage. Water Restoration Companies, like OneRestore, are better equipped to evaluate and treat your home for water damage. Water damage isn’t always obvious, but water restoration companies know what to look for and how to fix it. We have the equipment to make sure your home is properly dried out to avoid costly mold problems down the road. If a tree falls on your home and is open to the elements for even a few hours, you likely have water damage.

Mold Removal and Treatment. Finally, most water restoration companies know how to deal with mold. If the damage happened a while back and you didn’t notice it right away, there is a good chance you have mold now as well. Pick a company that can safely remove mold from your home and treat to prevent future mold growth.

OneRestore is the Premiere Water Restoration Company in Central Florida

OneRestore is a Water Restoration Company in Central Florida. We have a lot of experience with fallen tree damage. We not only provide water restoration and roof repair and replacement, but we test and treat for mold, provide full construction repair, and remodeling services when the interior is compromised. So, when the tree falls, we hope it’s not on your roof. But if it is, call the experts at OneRestore.

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