How Do You Restore a Building After a Fire?

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How Do You Restore a Building After a Fire? OneRestore

Hearing news that your home or business has suffered from a fire can be horrifying. Potential homeowners never foresee themselves losing everything to a fire. Not a single business owner assumes that one day they will deal with such a devastating task of putting their life’s work back together. The average person has no idea how to restore a building after a fire.

As property owners, we expect that our appliances are functioning properly. We believe that our electrical wiring is installed correctly. We don’t expect to make dreadful mistakes in the kitchen. However, life does not always happen as planned.

Disastrous fires can happen unexpectedly, leaving you with an enormous burden. Some fire-recovery projects may seem far-reaching and involved. In other situations, homeowners may feel as though the home is easily redeemable.

Regardless of the extent of damage, it is important to seek professional help. Additionally, we have found it helpful to understand the steps required to restore a building after a fire. Being knowledgeable about your circumstance can help the road to recovery be a more manageable experience.

What To Do:

  1. Call the Local Authorities—The first step in any emergency is to contact 911.
  2. Call the Insurance Company—This step is one of the most important steps in the restoration process. It is essential to initiate contact with an insurance company as soon as possible to get claims in motion. This is also the time to bring in a professional restoration contractor. Ensuring that your restoration contractor has a proven performance is a fundamental part of this step.
  3. Appraise the Damage—During this phase of the renovation, a structural engineer will assess the home’s structural damage. They will identify all the necessary repairs and ensure that your home is safe to begin the repair work.
  4. Board-Up—Following a fire, it is common for many windows, doors, and entryways to be broken or destroyed. In this case, it is important to make sure your property is secured by boarding these gaps. The chance of vandalism is reduced by taking this important step. Boarding up will also protect your belongings from critters and animals that could make themselves at home. The restoration contractor’s team is typically available to help during this time.
  5. Make Structural Damage A Priority— Structural damage can be dangerous and that is why it should be left to a professional. Most fire restoration companies have an internal construction team to handle the heavy repairs. These repairs may include items such as trusses, interior framework, attics, floor joists, and more. They make up the building’s structural integrity. Assuring that the work is done properly should not be taken lightly.
  6. Inspect the Electrical System—A licensed professional is necessary for this part of the project. In most cases, a new breaker, as well as new wiring and fixtures are necessary after a fire. Even if your electrical system seems to be functioning properly, it is critical to get it checked by a licensed electrician. This could reduce the risk of it malfunctioning in the future and causing another catastrophe.
  7. Address Other Issues— There will be other damages caused by the fire and smoke that your home or business has experienced. A fire-restoration contractor takes on these duties, including removing water from fire hoses, addressing potential mold growth, removing soot, eliminating smoke odor, clearing contaminated air ducts, and more!
  8. Remain Patient—Renovating after a fire can sometimes be a lengthy process – typically months. The restoration experts are on your side and want to return your house to normal as quickly as possible, while also ensuring the job is done correctly. By tackling one room at a time, you can guarantee a precise and accurate job.
  9. Keep documentation—Photographs and detailed paperwork should be completed and kept while rebuilding after a fire. The process is often extensive. Therefore, tracking repairs, replacement costs, and other expenses can be helpful in the future. We recommend you keep this important documentation in a digital file when possible. Then, working with your insurance company and proving the extent of your loss will be much less complicated.
  10. Finding the Right Restoration Company—The entire fire clean-up process can be entirely overwhelming. That is why is it important to hire a certified and accomplished team!

Need Help?

In most cases, homes can successfully be re-constructed. Your reconstruction project may require a lot of work and the help of many experienced professionals. OneRestore can not only provide you with a free estimate, but we can also take care of all your restoration needs – beginning to end. Our company is a One-Stop-Shop so there is no need to hassle with multiple contractors. We work with all insurance companies.

During this devastating time, we commit to providing our customers with exceptional communication as we understand how stressful their situation is. Our qualified professionals can safely remove smoke odor from all areas of your home. And, our team will remove items that are damaged beyond repair. With no upfront cost, we can get you back to normal in no time.

Make one call now to OneRestore and let us handle the rest! We offer 24/7 Emergency Contact and Service! From dry out and cleanup, to reconstruction and remodeling, we handle all aspects of your restoration.

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